Georgjz419 – Food, Fun, & Spirits

Georgjz419, is an LGBT+ establishment where you are free to be yourself uninhibited — located in the Uptown Entertainment District, at 1205 Adams Street in Toledo, OH. Stop into and check out our amazing drinks, awesome menu, and knowledgeable bar staff. We also have a huge patio with a full bar service!

Join us for food, fun, & spirits with a variety of entertainment from drag shows, strippers, bear night, karaoke, and more.

Daily Specials


6.50 Cheese Pizza
8.50 Pepperoni Pizza

3.00 Domestic
3.50 Flavored Vodka


1.50 Taco (2 to go)

3.50 Margarita
3.50 Tito
3.50 Corona


2.00 OFF Wrap or Hero

3.00 Bud Light
4.00 Jameson


5.00 OFF Specialty Pizza

3.50 White Claws
3.00 Miller Lite


2.00 OFF Quesadilla

3.00 Coors Light
3.50 Fireball


8.00 Bruschetta
7.00 Cheese Bread

3.00 PBR
4.00 High Noons


8.00 Wings or 9.75 Chunks with fries

3.00 Michelob Ultra
6.50 Bloody Mary